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I recently told you that we were Colorado bound again.  Right after school ended we packed up our trusty Windstar (the good ole girl has 150,000 miles on her) and traveled West with our 5 kiddos to Rocky Mountain National Park.  For me, this was a highly anticipated event.  I had over a year of my fitness journey behind me, and I was ready to be in the mountains again!  Ready to hike, think, and take it all in while making memories with my family.  Something about the mountains just makes me feel more “me.”   What would I learn about myself this time around?

On our first day at Estes Park we stopped at the Visitor’s Center and checked in at our lodging, YMCA of the Rockies.  My husband is the King of Brochures and Activity Offerings so pretty quickly we began discussing the activities we wanted to fit into our 4-night stay.  We knew we would do some of our favorite hikes and added some new ones to our list,  and then we began narrowing down some choices of new things to do:  fly fishing, horseback riding, zip line, etc.

Fly fishing I really wanted to do, but it would have taken more time and not all of the kids could participate.

Zip-lining I had attempted the year before but couldn’t even muster up the courage to get out of the van once I saw the tall “telephone” pole I’d have to climb up (No, thank you, I’ll  just stay on the ground!).

Horseback riding seemed to be the final consensus.  I really wanted to do it, but I had never ridden a horse before and was nervous.  It also cost a little more than I would spend (because I’m cheap. . .uh . .  frugal), too.

So . . . here’s a Let’s Get Real moment-I kind of threw a little fit.  It went something like this:

Me:  So it looks like the kids want to go horseback riding.  That would be fun.  How much is it?  $12 per person?

My Hubby:  No, it’s more than that.  It’s $– per person.

Me: NOPE!  We’re not doing it then!  Too expensive!

And my big-fat mouth and I stomped walked out of the room.  Not quite the supportive, fun mom/wife, huh?

Needless to say, I was wrong and apologized.  I think it was the cost that set me off, but I also think it was fear.  I liked to TALK about going horseback riding, but to actually DO it was another thing.  I could say I wanted to have more COURAGE in my life, but to actuallly put it into ACTION was something all together different!  My husband in his wisdom and patience knows this about me and quietly went ahead with the horseback riding plans.

We rode the next morning, and it was truly an experience I will never forget (more on that soon).  But I won’t just remember it because of the horses;  it brought to light my fear and my attitude.  As I rode with the kids through the valleys and ledges of Rocky Mountain National Park, I realized my “cheapness” and my fear almost kept them from experiencing that moment.  If I had to wait 30-some years to ride a horse, did I want my kids to do the same?  Of course not!   Did I want them to be wise with their money and be able to decipher when it’s okay to spend it?  Of course!  Did I want them to be afraid of experiencing new things?  No!

Once again Colorado had a way of helping me learn more about myself, even the things I may not have chosen to learn.  I am hoping that next time when an opportunity arises I will be slower to speak and ready for the adventure.

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