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No Flashy Resume Needed

I’ve been working on my resume lately.  It’s not as full as I would like it to be.  At times it feels lacking.  I look at it and feel a sort of regret.  The places where awards, honors, publications, and organizations are supposed to be appears sparse.  I wonder what it would have looked like if I had not worked part-time and mostly stayed home all these years, if I had pursued a career more.

But then there is so much not seen on that flat piece of paper.  So many hours poured into 5 children’s lives and into my marriage.  So many gatherings with friends who needed to talk or hours put into serving my church.  Long hours on a business.  Things no one sees, but I know are there.  I sort of choke up thinking about how easily I let what the world values as accomplishment squeeze out the unseen goodness of the past 15 years with my children.

It’s the same with my fitness resume.  I may not have “marathon” or “tri-athlete” or “pro” next to my name, but I get to the gym 5-6 times per week despite the fact that I’m tired, I have errands to do, I have 5 kids who need help with homework, and the laundry is piled high.

I’m not wearing my fitness like a flashy neon sign.  It’s an unseen, foundational part of my life.  I may not be a stick thin Victoria’s Secret model and Paris may not be calling me to walk down their runways (but one can try at home, right?!), but I’m committed to my overall health and fitness.  I am stronger than I was 3 years ago.  I am braver than I was 3 years ago.  I am a little more confident than 3 years ago.  Maybe those things aren’t seen on the outside, but the unseen work that I have done on myself has produced good things.

I know that many of you are the same.  You do things each day to help others.  You work hard, and many of those things are not seen.  The same goes with your fitness.  You are faithful getting to your personal training sessions.  You come to the gym even when it is snowing or bitterly cold outside.  Maybe the world doesn’t see you as fit, but you know that you are stronger.  You are doing more.  You are more confident.  The work that you have done is worth it.  It’s paid off!

I hope that I can focus more on the good things that I’ve worked for and not worry about what the world sees on a black and white resume.  How about you?  How has your quiet persistence paid off?  How are you stronger?

P.S. Paris, if you do call, I might get on a plane.  Maybe not a runway, but I’m pretty sure I could still get my French on. Mais bien sur!



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