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I recently hurt my shoulder so I have not been able to do much with my arms.  I have been concentrating on work-outs that focus on abs, cardio, and legs.  Here’s one I did this week when I had some time in between running my kids around:

5 minute warm-up on the bike

Pilates leg circles (24-30 per leg, going each direction)

15 Pilates ab roll-ups with medicine ball

30-60 sec. plank (only with healthy arm)

3 wall sits – 30 sec. each

2 min. full-speed cardio (bike)

15 squats with medicine ball

30 Medicine ball twists

Split squats on stability ball (15 each leg)

2 min cardio (bike)

Repeat circuit

5 min run/walk on treadmill


Have a workout you wanna share?




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