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You’re Outta Here!

Well, it’s spring and I’m cleaning out my closet!

Two of the great rewards of my “aha” moment over a year ago were losing inches and getting to buy a few new things.  I didn’t go a on a crazy shopping spree, but my pants were falling down so let’s just say it was necessary!  While I brought a few new things in, I didn’t really get rid of too much.  Was it me unconsciouly thinking I would gain the weight back?  I don’t know.  But a few weekends ago, it was a different story.

I gathered up the pants that were the wrong size, tried on a few just in case, and decided it was time.  They were OUTTA HERE!!!

While getting a few new things was definitley nice, it was also good for me to get rid of things that could have been a crutch.   For me it was a way of moving on and feeling more sure that this was going to stick, that it was a success.   What a great feeling to see that pile!

Now maybe a shopping spree is in order?  I’m just saying . . .


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