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Daffodills, tulips, budding leaves on the trees, spring break, requests for the sprinkler to be turned on, popsicles-spring is here!  The days have been gorgeous;  they remind me how quickly the school year will be over and we’ll be into full-blown summer.   Vacations, camps, swimming lessons, water gun fights, park lunches, and  . . . wait a minute!  Swimming?!!

Oh, yikes, didn’t it seem like just yesterday it was January and we had like 6 months to get off that Thanksgiving and Christmas poundage?!  And it’s passed spring break, so it’s turned into Thanksgiving-Christmas-Spring Break poundage?!

I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of panic I feel along side the euphoria of spring.  I know that in about 8 weeks, I’m supposed to put these pale limbs into a bathing suit.  Yeah, I know, where did that confidence and courage go that I wrote about last year?  When it comes to bathing suits, it’s just not there!

I have a friend who says, “Just embrace it!”  Excuse me, what?  Could you just repeat that in English for me?  Could you just rub a little of that confidence on me while you’re doing the sunscreen?  I mean, seriously?  I’ve heard that strong is the new skinny, but I”m not sure everyone is embracing that.

Well, maybe I could give it a shot.  What if I could just EMBRACE IT?  What if I could just set some goals for the 8 weeks, stick to them, and be content with me?  What if every spring I didn’t start to panic at the thought of pools opening and my kids asking, “Can we go swim?”  It’s definitely worth the try.

Anyone with me?


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