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Our Trip to NYC: Part 1


Well, we spent the end of May hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, and then on the 13th we headed out for a quick adventure to New York City.  My brother lives in Brooklyn, and we hadn’t been able to visit him in five years so it was time.  I had a list of places, parks, shops, and markets that I wanted to see.  And of course, our mouths were watering for the food we wanted to try or revisit.  We had an itinerary prepared, and we were excited.  Alicia Keys and Jay Z in my head;  3 1/2 full days in the big city without kids, woohoo!!  Here we come!

Our lists were prepared but my legs and feet were not.  I thought that since I work out faithfully I would handle it just fine.  But the days of so much walking and waiting really took a toll on me.  I realized after the first night that it was going to be even more walking than Colorado.  We were urban hiking!

So on the 2nd day I threw out all attempts at fashion (whatever that means) and my flimsy shoes and donned the Nikes.   Then I was able to enjoy everything a little more.

Here are some of my favorite moments.  First, Central Park.  We picked up burgers at a secretive spot, The Burger Joint, tucked into a hallway at the Parker Meridian Hotel (who knew there would be people lined up,  packed wall-to-wall in a tiny space, burgers dished out,  in a fancy schmancy hotel?-My brother!).   Then we headed to the park to enjoy our burgers (remember we’re walking a lot and burning calories!).













Then we visited our favorite bakery, Levain’s.  It’s a tiny, unassuming place off Central Park and the cookies are, as my Dad says, to die for.  They are so rich; I ate half and saved the rest for later.



Another one of my favorite spots was the High Line.  It’s a park built on a historic freight line on the West side.  Walking in the beautiful gardens through (and under) hotels, apartments, and office buildings was cool, and the views were interesting by day and stunning by night.  We even got a glimpse of Lady Liberty overlooking the Hudson.   It was a great place to stop, rest, and people watch!  More to come soon. . .



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