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1.  Training sessions are only 30 minutes

2.  The dumbbells only go to 50

3.  My arms didn’t fall off after a ropes sesssion with Tyler

4.  The floor at Miracles catches me when I fall

5.  My trusty ipod that gets me through those last minutes of the stair climber

6.  Dawn and Meghan and their patient squat tutorials on Friday nights

7.  My Dad’s look of surprise when he felt my bicep (Yes, I showed it to him.)

8.  I added stiff-legged deadlifts to my vocabulary.

9.  Doing things I never thought I would do: boxing, squat jumps, box jumps, planks, deadlifts, saying no to chocolate every once in awhile

10. Friends to whine with about trainers, mountain climbers, and sore limbs

11. Ben pushing me through a million upper-cuts and a horrible left hook

12. Encouraging comments

13. My husband taking care of the kitchen and kiddos most nights so I can work-out

14. Jiggly places being less jiggly

15. Being healthier and stronger than I was at this time last year

Are there things in your fitness journey this year that you are thankful for?




4 Responses to “Quick List of Some Things I’m Thankful for This Year”

  1. Tara says:

    Love the list. I’m inspired by your dedication!

  2. Diane says:

    Great list! I laughed as I read it. You have done a great job, Jen! Thanks for sharing with us.