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This year we made our first real attempt at a garden.  It was extremely rewarding and fun, but the last couple of months the crop didn’t looked so great.  We were spoiled by the initial months of no bugs!

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with the last crop of my tomatoes since they weren’t the prettiest things in the world.  I  had some bigger ones left and a few dozen little juliets left.  I happen to catch Rachael Ray today and she inspired me to roast them.  I put all the little ones on a baking sheet along with a few of my bigger brandywine tomatoes (left) and 3 cloves of garlic with their “jackets” left on.  I sprinkled them with olive oil and roasted it all for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees.

The smell began permeating the house almost immediately-YUM!  I am a sucker for anything with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper on it!

In a pot I boiled a pound of whole wheat penne and saved about a cup of the pasta water, which I put in a pasta bowl.  After the tomatoes and garlic were finished, I took the paper off the garlic and mashed them in the starchy water.  Then I added all the beautiful carmelized tomatoes and all the leftover juice.  I mashed that all up with the garlic and water.  Then I added some basil from my garden and poured that in with the noodles.  I added a little more olive oil and then some parmesan cheese.  So simple and so tasty.  It felt good to use some not-so-perfect things from my garden to make a healthy meal for the kiddos.

I’d love to be inspired by your meal suggestions.  Anything healthy you are making lately?


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