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In my previous post, I shared with you how I went a little crazy for boxing. Well, I knew the countdown was on since Ben, my trainer/boxing coach, was leaving. I scheduled 4 boxing sessions with him the week before he was leaving. On my 2nd session with him that week, I hurt my pinkies. I’m still not sure what happened, but I wasn’t able to box for the last 2 sessions (I was so bummed).

So I gave into one of my fears-personal training. I had tried a few sessions the summer before (That trainer moved away, too. Hmm . . .) and learned a lot, but wasn’t eating right and gained weight. So I was a little weary of personal training again. Ben had built my trust though, and I knew I could tell him if I absolutely didn’t want to do something. Honestly, at this point I did want the challenge.

Ben had me doing walking lunges, leg lifts, bicep blasters, reverse lunges, SQAT JUMPS (ugh!), step-ups, and things I can’t even name. I whined the whole time. I complained. I even made him turn the other way during the squat jumps! Just too embarrassing! Okay, so maybe Ben was challenged, too.

Even through all the complaining and whining, I was glad that I was up for the challenge. I could feel that I was getting stronger and doing things that I could not have done four months before. I did a plank for a minute that day. I chest pressed more than I have since high school. I did flutter kicks for a minute (not very well-but I did it!). My “aha” moment was in action and creating results.

Our next and last session was more of the same except I did try to whine less and just grit my teeth more. Again, I did things that I didn’t want to do but felt better afterwards (and sore the next day!). I am still doing a lot of what Ben taught me, and I find myself more willing to challenge myself and try things that are harder because hey-I might just surprise myself and be able to do it!

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