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Colorado Bound Again

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since this blog was discussed, envisioned, planned out, and executed.  We were headed to Colorado, and on the long drive I asked my husband how I could help him and his busines.  His answer was, “You could write the blog.”

At that point I had a lot of thoughts and emotions running through my head.  It had been a life-changing 5 months.  I had an aha moment in January and began a journey back to myself.  The idea of writing a blog and sharing my personal story and thoughts was scary to me, but I knew that it could be helpful for me as well.  I wanted to help my husband in this hard work of keeping a small business going, and I wondered if stepping out of my comfort zone might be good for me.

And so the long drive consisted of many long talks (when the kiddos were quiet) of what I would write about and what I would share.  I came home a week later and began writing up a storm, storing away posts and planning for their future launch.  It was good to get my swirling thoughts on “paper.”

I learned after several posts that it wasn’t just about me.  Many other people had had similar experiences, and many of us had had the same struggles.  It was a community.  While comments now have slowed down, those initial comments brought tears to my eyes.   It felt like I was just writing for a big void, but when comments came back it made it so real.

We head for Colorado again soon, and I look forward to the chance to be with just my family and the memories that we will make.  I look forward to taking time and reflecting over the year.  I wonder what the time there will inspire.  What will the long drive produce?  What ideas will come forward?

Colorado has a way of doing that.

I’ll end with part of a Colorado post from last year:

On day 2 of our cabin stay, I had a couple of hours to myself while the kids were swimming and the baby (he’s 2, but he’s my baby) was napping.  I decided to do some circuit training.  I didn’t have weights or anything so I used a jar of Ragu and a can of baked beans for my bicep blasters.  I was just hoping no one could see through the window!  I used the back deck for my walking lunges and the stairs for box jumps.  I did push-ups, reverse lunges, leg lifts, ab work, etc. all under the gaze of a big, stuffed deer head, affectionately called Bullwinkle by previous visitors.

I kind of surprised myself.  I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but 5 months before, I never would have done any of those things.  Work-out?  On vacation?  Outside?  Where people can see me?  No way! But this experience showed me evidence of five months of hard work and a real change in myself.  The confidence, change, and commitment that I had paraded around in my head as a theme were becoming a reality.   It felt good.  There under the Rocky Mountains it felt good to take the time to reflect and to be thankful and to feel strong.



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