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Well, I knew this blog was going to be challenging, but I don’t think I realized how much it could be used against me or make me accountable for what I say.

The other day I was on the stairclimber at Miracles Fitness, and one of the trainers came up to me and sort of dared me to work out with him that day.  When I replied, uh, no thank you not so much, my own words were used against me:

“But, Jen, I thought you were ready for the invitation.  Ready for the challenge . . .  You afraid of me?”

Are you kidding me?!!  What was I going to do then?  Back down from a challenge?  From my own words?  Well, I do lack courage sometimes, but I am competitive.  So after I was finished with the stairclimber, I walked up to the desk and said that I was ready, but he didn’t act as enthused.   Now it was my turn:

“What’s the matter, are you afraid of me?”  And we were off!

We started with walking lunges and ended with squats and stiff-legged dead lifts.  My squats are horrible so we continued working on all the details that I had learned in a previous impromptu 10-minute session, and we painstakingly, almost in slow motion, went through the dead lifts.  It was challenging, but I really appreciated learning how to do something right.

At the end of the session my words were used again; this time in a good way:

“I was reading in your blog Ten Great Things To Hear from a Trainer so, Jen, I am proud of you.”  With a high-five, we were done.  I’d accepted another challenge, learned a little more, and learned that the trainers reading my blog can be a little dangerous (but fun).


One Response to “Changes: My Own Words Used Against Me”

  1. OH Jen…Someday we must talk about your blog being used against you!!! Welcome to the world of blogging!!! 🙂