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Tyler’s Last Day

If you have followed along over the last year, you know that training with Tyler has been the subject of a few blog posts.  I have to say that he had a way of bringing out the best and the worst in me!  I don’t think anyone but Tyler could have gotten me to pull him down the front sidewalk or run like a mad woman at an incline on the treadmilll.  I’ll never forget the Elaine dance in front of Goodwill!

He is moving on to new dreams and new clients to train.  I wish him the very best as he heads to Fishers to start his own business!


One Response to “Tyler’s Last Day”

  1. Linda Ticen says:

    I got called to work early and did not have a chance to say goodbye today, but I too have thanked Tyler many times for the way he was able to get me to reach a little deeper and try a little harder. He even had to put up with me when I would get so frustrated by my lack of coordination and strength that I started crying. I know that HE has learned alot about people thanks to the “personal best” attitude that Dan fosters at Miracles. I will always miss Tyler, and I will never forget what he taught me about myself. 🙂