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Our Garden: Patience Rewards

About two weeks ago my 7-year-old proudly picked our first “big beef” tomato off the vine.  It was quite an honor.  My 5 kiddos have been watching our garden consistently since beginning of May when we planted the first seedlings.   I hear at least twice a day, “I’m going out to check the garden, Mom!”  It has become a valuable exercise in patience for them.  Now they are seeing some of the rewards:  fresh veggies, a sense of accomplishment, knowledge about plants, and an appreciation for the simple things.

As I held our first “big” tomato in my hands, the creation of our new little garden made me think of the journey I have been on the last 6 months.  Our garden started with an idea, an informal plan, and some research and advice.  It took a lot of sweat and time to get it ready for planting.  I have to make time for it almost every day, watering it and checking for disease.  The grandest part is that we get to see the results of our patience and care:  zucchini, little juliet tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, green peper, basil, and more “big” tomatoes!

In parallel, my journey to a healthier me has been quite the same.  I had an “aha moment” of change, I created a plan of action for myself, and I asked for advice and help.  I have to keep up with what I am putting in my body, and I have to be willing to sweat and work hard almost every day.

I have to be willing to be patient.  Not one of my best qualities!  I have not always been the best at waiting for results over these past months and have even gotten frustrated along the way.  But eventually I got back on my feet and started plugging away again.  Working hard to see results in the end.  And I am seeing results; I am reaping some reward for my sweat: better muscle tone, weight-loss, a sense of accomplishment, and some me-time!

So as I see my little ones running out the backdoor in excitment to check the harvest, I hope I can be reminded that it’s worth it to be patient.  It’s worth hard work to reap a harvest.




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