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1. Walking lunges the length of Goodwill

2. Broad Jumps outside the windows of a chi-chi-poo-poo salon

3. Jogging in front of Medical Offices

4. Split Squats on the bench while holding back tears of frustration and the super-strong urge to quit

5. Running a quarter mile uphill at who-knows-what-kind-of-I-don’t-want-to-do speeds

6. Step-ups on the wall in front of a busy Chinese restaurant

7. Box jumps in my own private work-outs

8. Inch Worms and the World’s Greatest Stretch

9.  Boxing while being filmed

10. Bicep blasting baked beans while on vacation

I’m sure there are many more!  I have done a lot of crazy things in the last year that I never thought I would do.  While some were super hard, I am thankful for each one.  It’s been worth the challenge.


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