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Let’s continue our “cool down,” and I’ll continue my story. So I have told you about two factors so far that have contributed to a change in me: my belief system and my Dad. Another one was facebook (is there anything not affected by facebook these days?!!). At the beginning of the year one of my friends posted about New Year’s resolutions. She suggested that instead of conjuring up several resolutions (that one would eventually break), why not come up with one word that would be the theme of one’s year? This post spoke to me. I already had stirrings of a change, and then this was the perfect suggestion for me.

What would my word be? Honestly, the first word that came to mind was “Me!” I realized that I had forgotten about me! Then almost immediately after came the word “confidence” and then two more- “courage” and “change.” Confidence, Courage, and Change. Those 3 words became my theme for 2011 (along with the more selfish and less acceptable from a mom, “ME!”). I was determined to put some time into myself, which meant working out, eating right, and not feeling guilty about it. I realized that I needed to do that to get my health back and to be the mom and wife that I wanted to be and in the end be the example that I wanted my children to have.

Confidence, Courage, Change. What would your word or words be? What do you want your theme to be for the rest of the year?

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