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My New Trainers

IMG_1390Hey, everyone! Just wanted to share with you a glimpse into what happens at my house when I try to work-out at home.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Miracles, and I fit in a quick work-out in between soccer pick-ups, dinner, and Dan needing to go back to work.  I came home to finish my work-out, and it only lasted a few minutes when I was joined by my dog Jack and my 4-year-old Ryan.  I had a sit-up partner and a trainer at my side!

Of course, it was cute how close they wanted to be to me, but it made me thankful to have a place to work-out and have some time alone.  For me, it is worth the time and effort to take care of myself (physically, emotionally, mentally).  Self-care sometimes has to be selfish.

At least these trainers didn’t make me do mountain climbers.  : )

P.S.  Jack’s also a big help in the kitchen.


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