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I haven’t written in awhile because, to be honest, there really isn’t much to write about.  How often can I tell you about my struggles with fitness and weight before you throw up your hands and yell “Enough already!” at your screen?

Well, I guess it’s not really “struggle” anymore.  The struggle has now turned into more of a battle of boredom.  I’ve lost the high of being on a new adventure and finding new challenges.  I’ve met some long-term goals and their luster has faded.  Now it’s just turned into the day in-day out, do-this-because-it’s-good-for-me feeling.   Somewhere I can hear the Righteous Brothers in the back of my head, “You’ve lost that loving feeling. . .”

But then again, is it such a bad thing for fitness to be mundane?  When I look over the months following January of 2011, I realize that I learned a lot and tried many new things.  Now I have the ability to put a work-out together and get it done.  I can accomplish goals each time even though it may not be exciting or new.  I remind myself that this is what I need for the long haul.   The excitement or adrenaline will fade away, but my ability to sweat, challenge myself, and work hard lasts as long as I want it to.

Maybe it’s not so bad to be bored.  And maybe it’s not boredom.  Maybe a better term would be perseverance.  Through the good and bad over the last 19 months, I have been in the gym.  I have been committed even when I am tired and the kids’ activities are piled high.  I have learned to push through the “blahs” and get on my feet.

So even if fitness isn’t quite as fun anymore; it’s still there.  There’s still a confidence in myself and the process, and a knowledge and skill set that carry me on day by day.  I am learning that working out is much like life-it has its highs and lows and your experience is what you make of it.  Sometimes you have to push through the ordinary to see glimpses of goals you want to acccomplish.

Anyone else out there get bored with working out?  What have you done to beat the “blahs?”  Any suggestions for everyone?

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